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The multiple-operator feature is practical because we get much better coverage on the GSM network. The prices are competitive and allow for having all of the operators on the same card. Plus, we have a card management and centralisation platform available to us, which is not the case when you go through the operators directly.

Bruno Mathieu
Industrialisation and Production Manager, Naïo Technologies

In certain hazardous areas where power connections are not easy to get, or in any case are relatively costly, how to feed data back to the owner really isn’t straightforward. So we have used Matooma SIM cards this way to be able to relay that information to web pages or a remote PC. The SIM cards also allow us to control equipment remotely in a super-prompt way, particularly in the field of parcel transport. They are going to allow us to connect only to our request on a site in order to do diagnostics or maintenance operations.

Pierre Bonzom
Président d'Ela Innovation

What’s really great is being able to manage our cards through a single interface. We can integrate the cards and decide to activate them only when we install the terminals. It’s infinitely more practical than going through an operator and it’s really freeing to be able to choose the type of service that we want.

Sébastien Lerouge
President, Eval&GO

Matooma was the only company that provided us with the type of service that we wanted to have, with just text messages. So it’s a cost savings over a card that does not need to make telephone calls. Matooma was able to provide us with cards at a good price.

Florence Dubertret
Marketing and Communications Director, Bestwarden

We work with Matooma because we find their prices to be very attractive. Plus, it’s very easy to use the platform to order cards, and fast because we get them 48 hours after the order. It’s the ease of use, simplicity, and friendly service, plain and simple. Matooma’s services correspond fully to our needs without any difficulty at all.

John Honoré
President and Co-Founder, Borne Recharge Service

What we liked about Matooma was really how close they were, because it’s not easy to set all of that up. We talked about the project together and they advised us and directed us towards companies that could help us. What’s also helpful is not having to deal with different operators, having a single person to talk to, customer service, and competent people. When we call, we get answers fast. 

We work with Matooma for their customer approach, the support that they give, the exchanges we’ve had since the beginning with answers to our problems, and also for their reactivity.

Sébastien Payen and Benjamin Soufflet
Manager and CTO, Fruition Sciences

Matooma allowed us to optimise our service. The service that was presented immediately created the need!

Eric Falaga
Technical Director, Prodomo

The benefit of using MatooCards is really the multiple-operator solution, not having to wonder what area the customer lives in and which operator’s SIM card you should give them. We don’t have to worry about that issue. The tools that are provided are pleasant and the management platform is unique and complete.

David Guyard
Innovation and Services Director, Bluelinea

The advantage of Matooma is the simplicity of its services and contract, how quickly it provides SIM cards, the customer support that has been excellent so far, and the commitment-free subscriptions. Plus, the multiple-operator cards have a lot of advantages. Being able to choose a multiple-operator SIM card means not having to worry about potential zones that aren’t covered by this or that operator. Being able to reassure customers about this is essential because their decision is based in large part on the reliability of the connection of the equipment that is being sent to them.

Isabelle Jarniou
CEO, Eurotech France

We were really attracted by Matooma’s services. Our in-home installers, equipped with a single device that is able to receive three GSM-GPRS networks, are faster in their operations and can thereby devote more time to the relationship with new customers. Plus, we’re also reinforcing the security of our device once it’s installed, since if one of the mobile networks is faulty, the box equipped with the MatooCard automatically switches to another operator’s network, which guarantees service continuity.

Philippe Gervais
President, Europ Télé Assistance