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Ela Innovation, radio-frequency identification technology expert

To date, ELA Innovation has marketed numerous long-range RFID badges and tags (more than 100 metres) that are autonomous for more than 10 years and use extremely low levels of energy.


Active RFID solutions for manufacturers and individuals

These solutions are primarily meant for manufacturers in fields such as personnel security at worksites and in hazardous areas in order to identify and locate workers; real-time thermal measuring and controlling, particularly for traceability needs in refrigerated transport; or even the protection of goods (anti-theft marking).

Deeply rooted in the European landscape, in 2016 the company wants to start taking steps to export to the United States and Canada.


ELA Innovation currently earns 15% of its revenue from its international activities, an amount that it would like to bring up to 50% over that year.


Furthermore, the company also intends to diversity its target market and thereby reach the public thanks to its new smart solution Coin Mov, presented during CES in Las Vegas in January 2016. Placed inside a vehicle, this movement-detecting RFID tag allows transport companies to detect and manage the arrivals and departures of its lorries and allows individuals to open their gate or their garage door remotely when they are close to home.


Matoocards for expanding the solution

For this RFID specialist, the GSM network is used along with its solution in two main applications.


The Matooma SIM cards have found their place in the field of worker security in hazardous areas and more particularly in counting the entrances and exits of personnel working on a tunnel.


While the RFID badges located on the hard hats allow for detecting the comings and goings of the workers in real time, they cannot send this information back to a website or a computer. “We were not able to get this information out in order to send it to a website or at least to the operator’s computer”, explained Pierre Bonzom.


“With the Matooma SIM cards, we are able to relay this information in order to find out who is inside and who is outside at a given time”.










Plus, the SIM cards are also useful for completing maintenance operations remotely, particularly in the field of parcel transport. “We put Matooma SIM cards in more than 60 DPD sites (La Poste group). They will only connect if we ask them to. In the event of an incident, if we want to do a diagnosis, we are able to connect to them”.


Company information

Founded in Montpellier in 2000, ELA Innovation is today a major actor in so-called active radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) in the French market.


Contrary to passive technologies, active RFID technologies are made up of a battery that allows them to have superior power and thereby have significant identification distances. Made up of its own research and development hub and also in collaboration with specialised university research laboratories, ELA Innovation developed its own patented technology, SCIEL®.

Website : https://elainnovation.com/

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