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Présence Verte, the GSM solution for flawless personal care services

Thanks to this device, users stay in contact 24 hours a day with Présence Verte’s operational teams, which are located in call processing/receiving and have the authority to trigger the most appropriate resolution according to the nature of the call.


Avoid network cutting

However, as telecommunications services have become unbundled and with the arrival of residential gateways in people’s homes, Présence Verte was confronted with a new technological environment. The increase in the number of operators in individuals’ homes caused more frequent interruptions or service interruptions between the gateway and the remote assistance platform. This was a real problem for a critical application that really needs to guarantee perfect continuity of service for its subscribers. 




M2M Sim cards to ensure continuity of service 

It was with this in mind that Présence Verte turned to Matooma. On behalf of its agencies, Présence Verte opted for the simplicity of Matooma’s management service, which combines SIM cards from Orange, SFR, and MatooCard (the multiple-operator card that receives signal from the three French telecommunications networks).

Matooma’s M2M services not only allow for saving time while installing the terminals in subscribers’ homes, it also allows for reducing costs. Présence Verte no longer has to constantly negotiate contracts with the three operators whose lengths vary according to each of their marketing activities. The company receives services for managing their terminals directly from Matooma that combine M2M SIM cards with no time commitment that may be cancelled at any time without notice or penalty.

With a single, centralised platform developed by Matooma, Présence Verte has an overall view of its M2M activity. It is an effective tool for analysing activity and ensuring it is running smoothly. 

Website: www.presenceverte.fr

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  • Single and multi-operator SIM cards
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G
  • Data / SMS / Voice
  • Pooled consumption
  • No steering and barring possible
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  • Order, activate and cancel
  • Manage stock
  • Manage consumption
  • View bills
  • Available via API
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  • Private bidirectional APN
  • Real-time remote access
  • Secure data transfers
  • Simple operation
  • Connection in 5 days
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