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Connectivity solutions dedicated to solar power

Your company specialises in the construction, installation or maintenance of infrastructure for producing solar power.

Your solutions help to optimise the operation and energy efficiency of your equipment (centres, photovoltaic panels, inverters, etc.).

Looking for a reliable connectivity solution to ensure the transmission of your data and to reduce your management costs? Our M2M solutions will meet all your needs.

Main issues encountered by the company


  • Installation of your infrastructure (solar panels, centres, etc.) in rural zones (non-residential) and therefore with poor telecommunications network coverage.

  • Relays reliable data at the appropriate moment for maintenance or monitoring of photovoltaic panels.

  • Monitors and ensures maintenance of equipment remotely to optimise performance and avoid unnecessary visits of technicians

M2M solutions offered by Matooma


  • Offers the company a multi-operator SIM card. The multi-operator card allows access to the different local telecoms networks for every type of use across all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G). In the event of a failure or interruption on the main network, the card will search for the second best GSM network available.

  • Access to the M2MManager management platform to allow the company to manage its stock of M2M SIM cards and to monitor the installation of photovoltaic installations.


Results achieved


  • Thanks to the multi-operator SIM cards the company benefits from better connectivity and avoids regular network interruptions helping to reduce the need for a technician to visit the site. This can mean a saving of 30% in the costs of managing photovoltaic installations.

  • The company has a single contact person and a simple and fixed pricing system with a customised offer.

  • Expert & responsive customer service to fulfil companies’ every need

  • Easily configurable solar inverters with a single APN.




Focus on the photovoltaic market

In just an hour, the sun produces more energy than mankind consumes in a year. Solar power has a potential equivalent to twenty times the world’s annual consumption.
The solar power market has been growing quickly for several years. According to SolarPower Europe, "in 2017, almost as much solar was installed in one year (99.1 GW) as the world had installed in total in
2012 (100.9 GW). This led to a total global solar power capacity of over 400 GW in 2017, after solar exceeded the 300 GW mark in 2016 and the 200 GW level in 2015".
Take advantage of our expertise and experience in this field through the creation of connectivity solutions to help you make a success of your projects and to contribute to building a more environmentally friendly society.

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