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Eurotech on-board computer specialist

A trailblazer in the field of machine to machine, the Eurotech Group designs on-board computers meant to be resistant to “severe” environments due to potential shocks, vibrations, and changes in temperature that they could be subjected to.

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Thanks to technological evolution and the expansion of the market of connected devices, these systems are continuously getting better. “Computers or gateways are able to be smaller, less expensive, do more things, and have better connectivity, all while consuming less energy”. These advantages are primarily due to the increase in the types of connectivity and the decrease in the cost of data


Eurotech uses Matoocard, the multiple-operator SIM card 

However, these electronic systems need to be adapted to the connectivity needs of their customers. “When our customers are rolling out systems all over the world, in order to simplify and offer an identical solution in every country, there’s no question that 3G connectivity is the best compromise; it’s easy, fast, and we’re sure that with a multiple-operator solution, coverage will be guaranteed”.




“Today, the goal of our systems is to bring down the intelligence from the field through the connection of the sensors to the cloud”, explained Isabelle Jarniou, CEO of Eurotech France. These electronic systems, which we call “gateways” to the cloud, are primarily meant for the fields of industry, transport, railways, healthcare, and energy. However, the Internet of Things is entering all business sectors without exception. 


Company information

Founded in 1981, Eurotech France has been one of the subsidiaries of the international Eurotech group, whose headquarters are based in Italy, since 2004. As of today, this French stock market-listed company is present in Europe, the United States, and Asia and counts nearly 400 employees. Founded in 1992, today Eurotech is proving to be a world leader in the fields of computing miniaturisation and the IoT (Internet of Things) for B2B markets.

Website : https://www.eurotech.com/en/

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  • Single and multi-operator SIM cards
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G
  • Data / SMS / Voice
  • Pooled consumption
  • No steering and barring possible
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