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Natural resources connectivity solutions

You are a group, delegation or company and you provide solutions or public services for managing natural resources (water, electricity, gas, energy, etc.).

Your solutions are systems for remote reading of data and predictive maintenance.

Looking for a reliable connectivity solution to support your projects? Our M2M solutions will meet all your needs.

Main issues encountered by the company


  • Installations in rural zones or with poor telecoms network coverage.

  • Difficult to perform monitoring (relaying data) or maintenance (leak detection, remote intervention) remotely and in real time leading to significant financial losses in the event of an undetected fault.

  • No more RTC technology requiring a change of technology and switching to smart computers.

  • Taking usage readings from meters remotely (remote reading).

  • Making pieces of equipment interact with each other (SIM-to-SIM communication).

  • Minimising risks of service interruption.

  • Ensuring significant resilience and security in order to limit risks on the distribution network and services offered to users.


M2M solutions offered by Matooma


  • Offers the company a multi-operator SIM card. The multi-operator card allows access to the different local telecoms networks for every type of use across all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G). In the event of a failure or interruption on the main network, the card will search for the second best GSM network available.

  • Access to the M2MManager management platform to allow the company to manage its stock of SIM cards.

  • Implementation of the MatooWan network, private APN solution to secure connections and facilitate remote and real-time access to equipment in both directions.


Results achieved


  • The company has a private APN (or private network) facilitating the remote reading of equipment (meters, ticket machines, etc.) and the relaying of 3G/4G alerts in real time.

  • The company receives a single monthly invoice whatever telecommunications operators are chosen (choice of single-operator or multi-operator cards according to needs).

  • The company has a single VPN for maximum and unrestricted operator coverage according to the amount of equipment you have.

  • Setting up the MatooWan network allows the company to get the pieces of equipment to communicate with each other (SIM-to-SIM communication).




Focus on the market of natural resources management

Water, gas and electricity are all resources which can be managed more effectively with the IoT. Minimising losses, optimising production but also reducing costs: all challenges for which the IoT offers exciting possibilities in the city of the future. The installation of smart networks equipped with sensors offers the possibility to gather, analyse and forward data to a platform in real-time. The networks are therefore modelled. Leaks and breakdowns can be identified more easily and decisions to carry out work taken more quickly, thereby considerably reducing losses.

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