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Naïo Technologies, making robots for agriculture

Veritable little assistants, the robots developed by Naïo Technologies help farmers and farm workers by taking their place for performing repetitive, tedious tasks such as weeding and by helping with the transport of crates or supplies.


A reinforcement for the work of farmers


Equipped with cameras, the robots are able to locate themselves on the farm and make decisions autonomously. “Thanks to its vision, the robot is able to detect the end of the row, turn around, and start the next row by itself. The cameras also allow it to detect small seedlings and so it is able to work on a young farm”, explained Gwendoline Legrand, Communications Director at Naïo Technologies.



Farming robots connected by SIM card


A SIM card is installed in each robot. According to Bruno Mathieu, Industrialisation and Production Director at Naïo Technologies, the SIM cards provided by Matooma have two uses: “the primary use of these cards is to let the farmer know about the status of the machine; he or she will receive a text message to be informed that the robot’s battery is dead, that it is at the end of the row, that it has finished its work, etc.


It’s primarily user information through a text message service.

The second use we make of the cards is telemaintenance, or preventative machine maintenance, in that we are going to be able to obtain the fault codes through the data.

Thanks to our server, which collects these data, we will be able to analyse the status of the machines without involving the farmer”.


Company information


Based in Toulouse, Naïo Technologies was founded in 2011 by Aymeric Barthes and Gaëtan Séverac, both robotics engineers who were passionate about the field of agriculture. Naïo Technologies was born of their desire to marry agriculture and robotics, who distinct areas, to meet three objectives: reduce the tediousness of farmers’ work, limit the use of herbicides and pesticides, and promote improvements in farms’ productivity. Their solution: to create completely autonomous, connected robots.

Website : https://www.naio-technologies.com/en/


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