What is
MatooWan ?

A private APN solution to secure connections and facilitate remote access to equipment.

Bidirectional, secure and real-time access to your connected devices.


The benefits of MatooWan

Remote access

Remote access

  • Facilitates the configuration of your equipment
  • Simplifies the maintenance and supervision of your equipment
  • Allows for easy and secure communication between your devices
  • Real-time access
Secures your data transfers

Secures your data transfers

  • Avoids direct exposure of the equipment on the Internet
  • Secures data exchanges between the MatooWan and your IT system
  • Limits the volume of data exchanged
  • A more reliable connection between the MatooWan and your IT system
Easier deployment

Easier deployment

  • Rapid connection to the Private APN
  • Benefit from a single link between your equipment and your IT system
  • Outsource the maintenance of your operator network infrastructure
MatooWan’s infrastructure

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