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Smart health solutions

Your company provides remote assistance solutions for elderly, isolated or handicapped people.

Your solutions work via a transmitter installed in the recipient’s home, linked to an emitter (for example: lanyard, bracelet, telephone, etc.) which the beneficiary permanently has on their person.


Looking for a reliable connectivity solution for your equipment? Our M2M solutions will meet all your needs.


Main issues encountered by the company

  • Gradual abandonment of wired network

  • Persistent black spots across the country

  • The need to be able to switch from one operator to another in case of network interruption

  • Multiple invoices from local telecommunications operators

M2M solutions offered by Matooma

  • Offers the company a multi-operator SIM card. The multi-operator card allows access to the different local telecoms networks for every type of use across all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G). In the event of a failure or interruption on the main network, the card will search for the second best GSM network available.

  • Customised & pooled offers to respond to the client’s needs.

  • Access to the M2MManager management platform to allow the company to manage its stock of SIM cards.

Results achieved

  • No more need for technicians to test different operators’ cards when installing in people’s homes. They instead have a box containing a single card able to pick up all available GSM/GPRS networks. A solution which therefore limits the risks of a lost connection.

  • Cost reduction with a single point of sale which means purchases of M2M SIM cards are centralised and no longer purchased individually with each operator

  • Technicians perform installations faster and can devote more time to relations with new customers.

  • Simpler management for the company through the M2MManager platform.




Focus on the remote assistance market

Whether it be remote assistance systems for home support, supervision of the elderly, patient treatment or sport and well-being applications, connected health has established itself within the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine sectors. Holding 90% of the remote assistance market share in France, Matooma is a reference in the health sector.

Connected health is the simplification of monitoring patients and their treatments from the home through to the healthcare professional (telemedicine). It is also about having the reassurance of being able to alert loved ones and other helpers when necessary, in order to keep up a normal lifestyle (remote assistance).

Matooma's multiple operator solutions optimise data transfer, ensure services continuity and come into their own in this environment.

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