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Prodomo, electronic worksite protection specialist

Founded in 2004 around worksite security, Prodomo became a national company in less than 10 years and equips 800 sites all over France.

Prodomo pairs humans and technology: its video cameras installed at worksites detect the slightest movement and transmit the images to the closest Prodomo video surveillance centre.


From there, Prodomo intervenes immediately by triggering an alarm and vocal warning before a guard goes to the site if an intrusion is confirmed. 

Prodomo’s customers thereby protect their goods and their sites against theft and vandalism with service that is 3 to 5 times less costly than 100% human security.

In fact, the alarm control units are linked to the video surveillance centres by telephone connection. Prodomo’s customers noticed significant fluctuations in their telephone bills from month to month depending on how long the units were connected. 

To counter these budgetary uncertainties, Prodomo found Matooma, which provides a one-stop-shop for M2M communications solutions from Orange and SFR at a fixed rate. Plus, the cards provided by Matooma are linked to an online management platform called M2M Manager, which allows for the overall supervision of the fleet of alarm units.

Website : https://www.vps-construction.fr/


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  • Single and multi-operator SIM cards
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G
  • Data / SMS / Voice
  • Pooled consumption
  • No steering and barring possible
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  • Order, activate and cancel
  • Manage stock
  • Manage consumption
  • View bills
  • Available via API
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  • Private bidirectional APN
  • Real-time remote access
  • Secure data transfers
  • Simple operation
  • Connection in 5 days
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