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A simple and efficient SIM card connectivity solution for your M2M and Iot Projects

Thanks to our single and multi-operator SIM cards, save time installing equipment, reduce connection loss, manage your subscriptions with a single point of contact and benefit from GSM network coverage in more than 180 countries.


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Get a global, dynamic network coverage with our single or multi operator M2M SIM cards

Facilitate the configuration of your equipment and devices with the APN 

Manage your SIM cards via a single online platform 

Matoocard: Multi-Network SIM card

The MatooCard is a multiple-operator SIM card that allows you to connect devices together all over the world. The special feature of this card is its ability to find the best available GSM network wherever it is located.

The MatooCard stays connected to the best network according to two criteria: the quality as well as the strength of the network at a given time. Plus, if there is a fault or an interruption in the primary network, the card will search for the next-best available GSM network and will connect to it. This system thereby allows for ensuring a much more reliable mobile connection.


Our M2M SIM cards have specifications that meet the needs of the machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets:

  • Three types of communication for your connected devices : Voice, SMS, DATA

  • Standard (2FF), micro (3FF) and nano (4FF) SIM cards, Embedded or extra durable

  • Optimisation of cost and time
  • Sending large amounts of data, a sufficiently long lifetime and high read/write durability
  • Resistance to extreme conditions of temperature and vibrations
  • Coverage in more than 180 countries to quickly and safely connect your devices to the GSM network on 2G, 3G, and 4G

The SIM card adapts to any type of situation: alarm systems (professional alarms, residential and building sites, burglar alarms, fire alarms), lone worker safety (LWS), emergency elevator phones, wind turbines, electric charging terminals, solar panels, smart meters, geolocation, remote assistance, agriculture, etc.

Reasons our clients use our sim cards

Reliability and guaranteed continuity of service

We cover all sectors of the Internet of Things that require the integration of an M2M solution. The card’s embedded intelligence allows for guaranteeing a constant mobile connection, a significant advantage in fields such as healthcare or the security of people and property.

Productivity boost

The M2M SIM card may be pre-installed in the device while it is being manufactured. This feature allows for reduced housing installation time and limiting the number of operations because the card will automatically connect when it is activated. Discover the partner manufacturers that we work with.

Easy management

Because it is for multiple operators, the card will search for the best GSM network available without any action on your part and without roaming fees.

Cost transparency

We guarantee fixed rates with no hidden costs. You are not billed for unactivated SIM cards, giving you greater flexibility in the management of your fleet.

Large network coverage

International roaming is permitted on the MatooCard thanks to the presence of our solutions in more than 180 countries.

Control and flexibility

Our services are subject to a contract with no time commitment that may be cancelled at any time with no notice or penalty.

  • “The benefit of using MatooCards is really the multiple-operator solution, not having to wonder [...]” Read more David Guyard Innovation and Services Director, Bluelinea