M2MManager: The IoT Management Platform

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You feel difficulties managing your stocks of simcards and keeping a follow-up on the consumptions?

Thanks to M2MManager, simplify your processes, control each device, save time, and optimise the management of your business.


M2MManager is a SaaS (software as a service) platform specifically designed for the day-to-day management of your SIM card-connected devices.

All our offers allow you to benefit from an access to the platform M2MManager.


Control Your Usage


  • Detailed online tracking module that allows for optimising your usage (data, text messages, MMSs, voice) and to anticipate your annual costs
  • Blocking usage of a SIM card when it is suspended until it is reactivated
  • Cancellation of cards possible at any time thanks to commitment-free services

Receive a Single Invoice for Your Entire Fleet


  • Tailored pricing adapted to your project: fixed monthly rate or according to actual usage
  • Just one invoice, no matter how many SIM cards are activated or how many operators have been selected
  • Invoice sent by email and downloadable from your M2MManager online account

Manage Your Fleet of Connected Devices  in Real Time


  • Single interface allowing you to order SIM cards from different operators and manage your entire fleet of connected devices
  • Centralised management of your services directly from your personalised account on the M2MManager platform
  • Segmentation of cards possible to better organise your data if you have several subsidiaries or agencies
  • Direct, simplified contact with our specialised IoT technical department from the platform
  • M2M platform in SaaS mode accessible online at any time and from any device with a browser (computer, tablet, smartphone)

Manage Your Inventory of M2M SIM Cards


  • Easy ordering, activation, suspension, and cancellation of SIM cards according to your needs from the centralised management platform
  • Invoicing triggered only after the activation of the SIM card, allowing you to order several cards at once and manage your inventory
  • Activation and cancellation of SIM cards at any time and without additional fees for better managing your M2M fleet and optimising your business