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Workers’ connectivity solutions

Your company offers solutions to ensure the safety of workers at high-risk sites and zones (identification and localisation of workers).

You are already working with connectivity technology and wish to link it to the GSM network to transmit your data.


Looking for a reliable connectivity solution to ensure the safety of isolated workers? Our M2M solutions will meet all your needs.


Main issues encountered by the company

  • Remote management of incidents

  • Shares information on a webpage

  • Relays data from an isolated or difficult to access site

  • Management of field-based workers and ensuring continuity of services

M2M solutions offered by Matooma

  • Combines two IoT connectivity technologies: for example, RFID and GSM.

  • Offers the company a multi-operator SIM card able to share data on a website or computer to show whether or not a worker is present in a high-risk zone.

  • Access to the M2MManager management platform to allow the company to manage its stock of SIM cards. 

Results achieved

  • The company is now able to share information about whether or not a worker is present in a high-risk zone (e.g. a tunnel) at a precise moment

  • The SIM cards mean equipment can be controlled remotely in a highly sporadic fashion and on request

  • Simpler management for the company through the M2MManager platform.




Focus on the market of safety for isolated workers

Changes in workplace organisation and efforts to respond to risks related to certain professions have resulted in the increasing availability of solutions involving dedicated alarms for lone workers. These solutions allow a person working alone in an at-risk situation to send an alert when the situation is considered critical, and to inform the emergency services who can then geolocate the worker thanks to the data sent by the system.

An alarm can be triggered in two ways: either manually by the wearer by means of a long press on the alarm button or automatically in different situations (lack of movement, no longer upright, device ripped off, presence of toxic gases, etc.). Combined with a multi-operator SIM card, the lone worker device will automatically connect to the first mobile network within range and send the alert signal.

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