Where can I find the APN?

Matooma provides different SIM cards that can have different APN.

Here's how to find the right APN for your SIM card:

Method 1

In your mailbox

1. Log in to your mailbox associated with your M2Mmanager account.

2. Search for Matooma Support emails sent by support@matooma.com following the activation or reactivation of your SIM card. Subject of email: « Confirmation of SIM(s) activation » or « Confirmation of SIM(s) reactivation ».

3. The name of the APN can be found in the Apn column.

Name of the APN

Method 2

On your M2Mmanager account

1. Log in to your M2Mmanager account.

2. Click on "My devices".

3. In the left-hand column, in the "My connected devices" section, click on "My devices".

4. Click on the line corresponding to the SIM card you are looking for.

M2Mmanager platform - my devices section

5. You can find the name of the APN in the "Additional information" tab at the bottom of the page.

M2Mmanager platform - my devices section