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"Connected tools really come into force in the security equipment sector, thus allowing the easy control of centres through telecoms networks (GPRS/3G/4G/GSM). The Matoocard, the multiple operator SIM card which scans the networks to stay permanently connected, makes complete sense.

On the Lone Worker Protection/Lone Worker Alarm Systems market, the trend is heading towards dual SIM smartphones that are compatible with Android or OS operating systems, now fully compatible with our latest SIM card version which also verify the GPRS/3G attachment, as well as the GSM.

On the video surveillance market, the connection of remote or temporary sites via a 3G/4G router is growing rapidly. Our unlimited DATA package allows you to connect cameras and video recorders without worrying about communication costs.

Finally, the lift market is in upheaval as terminating the production of new PSTN access is planned for 2018, along with a technical stoppage of existing PSTN lines. Lift manufacturers will have to migrate their PSTN stocks to GSM/GPRS modules.

Guillaume Quelin, Market Manager specialising in protecting assets and people at Matooma


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