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Matooma and Vodafone work together to enhance the IoT ecosystem


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Matooma, the French leader in multi connectivity Internet of Things (IoT), announced an agreement with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.  The agreement finalized during the M2M show in Paris, will combine Vodafone’s global IoT network, Global Managed IoT Connectivity platform and expertise in IoT, with Matooma’s connectivity management platform and expertise.


Expanding the IoT opportunity for start-ups and small and medium businesses in France

The agreement will help to further expand the IoT opportunity for start-ups and small to medium enterprises in France. Vodafone Director of IoT, Ivo Rook explains “A strong ecosystem will be a significant driver to the future success of the IoT. We are delighted to be working with Matooma a company with a clear vision for the delivery of IoT services to start-ups and small to medium enterprises.”

With this agreement, Matooma becomes the first IoT reseller on the French market for Vodafone.

Matooma will be able to distribute Vodafone IoT products to complete their solutions portfolio in France and all over the world. Matooma will take advantage of the services and the know-how of Vodafone. It’s given the opportunity for Matooma to promote innovative offers and deliver good value to their customers in France.

“It’s an important step for Matooma because it allows us to bring a new offer with a strong value to our customers. It can easily grow because of the global impact, it’s the opportunity to extend our offers in France and internationally” - Frédéric Salles, Matooma’ CEO.


How the customers can take advantages of this new offer?

The French IoT market is expanding rapidly and this common offer creates the capacity to meet a wide range of needs. Manufacturers, Installers and Integrators of IoT technology will benefit from a world wide M2M/IoT network with flexibility, and local tailored support.

Small and medium size companies in France will have access to 2G, 3G and 4G coverage thanks to the Vodafone Global SIM which acts as a local SIM wherever it connects. It provides coverage on more than 200 networks across the globe and roams nationally on all three major networks in France, ensuring a customer’s IoT service benefits from the strongest signal wherever it is. They will also have access to Matooma’s universal platform the “M2Mmanager” which is integrated with Vodafone’s global connectivity management platform and the company world-class customer service.

Businesses in France can become global companies from day one. The Vodafone Global SIM supports IoT infrastructure around the world. It’s pre-provisioned and ready to use, making installing, distributing and deploying IoT solutions simple. This gives Matooma customers easy access to an IoT network that already has more than 50 million connections.  

Matooma and Vodafone will work together to provide a complete solution tailored to the French market. This agreement is already consolidated, Matooma will be able to commercialize Vodafone’s offers during the second half-year of 2017.


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